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Trust Deed Investing Vs. The Stock Market

When looking to diversify your portfolio, one of the most appealing options may be in private lending via real estate investment. Trust Deed investmenting is a tried and true way to increase capital, especially if you are an informed investor. In particular, trust deed lending may be a fitting investing option for a wide array of investor needs.

If you are used to investing in the stock market, it may surprise you how many benefits there are in real estate investing. Working through a trusted lending advisor, you can see an increase in capital without some of the downsides of trading in liquid assets. Below, read a few of the advantages regarding real estate investment, and how JMJ Funding, known for almost 30 years of private investing guidance, can help you in your real estate journey.

Trust Deed Investing as an Alternative to the Stock Market

Here are a few factors to consider with trust deed investment.

  • Less volatility: Investing always comes with risk, some of which can be mitigated by the form of the investment. Stock market investment’s notorious risk comes largely from its liquid asset status. Real estate investment is less volatile, and a trust deed can ensure insurance for the investor. Trust deeds include foreclosure protections, meaning that should a borrower default. This means that the lender receives the rights to foreclose and sell the property for a profit, mitigating perceived risks within the investment.

  • Invest in a tangible asset: Along with less volatility, with real estate you are investing in a real asset, meaning that the asset has worth due to its inherent value. As stated above, this comes in handy should a borrower default, meaning that there is extra insurance for the investor.

  • Monthly Returns 8-10%: With real estate trust deed lending, the borrower will pay monthly interest, while paying the principal at the end of the loan. This means that investors can see 8-10% returns on their investment on a monthly basis due to the loan cycle.

  • Short and long-term options: Trust deed lending provides lenders with the flexibility for either short or long-term lending options. With JMJ Funding, we will look at your needs, and match you with borrowers for either the short or long term, whichever works for your business. Each one will still provide the 8-10% on monthly return, ensuring a high yield return no matter which option you choose.

  • Invest your idle cash or IRA: The best part of trust deed lending is that you can take idle cash or your IRA and grow your capital. With real estate investment, you can enjoy the minimized risk with a high yield, steady monthly income, all with cash that is not otherwise in use. With private lending options starting at just $5,000, trust deed investing can be for you, with some help with the best lending guides at JMJ Funding.

No matter your investing needs, JMJ Funding’s lending advisors will work to establish your best-fit investment plan. With over 28 years in the business, we partner investors with right-fit borrowers for the best investment plan.

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