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What to Know About Bridge Loans

Looking to move? Found a dream home that better suits your needs? Wondering where you will find the capital in order to take the next steps? If any of these questions apply to your current situation, you may be interested in a bridge loan. Capable of bridging the gap between old and new, this loan […]

Private Money Tips for Borrowers

Hard money loans can be a game-changing reality in terms of securing loans. Unlike traditional loans where money is sourced from banks, hard money loans come from private businesses and investors. This means borrowers can largely avoid the bureaucracy and strict guidelines surrounding conventional loans. With this, potential borrowers can find a wide breadth of […]

Loan Officers

No one is more attuned to the precariousness of the real estate market than loan officers. With the constant fluctuation of market value, demand, and pricing, securing a loan for potential clients, or underwriting for investors is a difficult feat. One thing that is always helpful for a loan officer to have in their back […]

Trust Deed Investing Vs. The Stock Market

When looking to diversify your portfolio, one of the most appealing options may be in private lending via real estate investment. Trust Deed investmenting is a tried and true way to increase capital, especially if you are an informed investor. In particular, trust deed lending may be a fitting investing option for a wide array […]

Hard Money Advantages in Securing Private Loans

For those looking to begin their real estate investment journey, the first question may be: how can I get approved for a loan? Conventional loans through banks take months for the approval process, and the hoops to jump through may be an arduous and frustrating task. In addition to the length of time to secure […]

What to Expect With a Trust Deed

What to Expect With a Trust Deed It is no secret that real estate can be a profitable avenue for investors. Unlike other forms of investment, there is tangible collateral, namely the property.  Along with this, investors can procure passive income if playing their cards right. Even the most seasoned real estate investors, however, may […]

Best Time to Use a Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are a great way to foray into real estate investment. Under the right circumstances, hard money can provide an opportunity for borrowers to turn their investment goals into reality with a diversified portfolio. When it comes to conventional loans, stringent underwriting and lengthy background approval checks can come in the way of […]

3 Property Types for Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a quick source of financing for when a buyer wants to secure a property. There are a host of factors why a hard money loan may be a great option for a borrower. Whether it is a distressed property, shortened timeline, or credit that is not yet robust enough to apply […]

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