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Top Benefits of Hard Money Flexibility

Hard money loans are a competitive navigational tool in the real estate market. No matter your purpose in purchasing real estate, hard money loans can offer assets to not only secure the property of your dreams, but fix it as well. Since hard money relies on the property itself as collateral, it opens doors to […]

Understanding Owner-Occupied Loan Requirements

As with any loan journey, knowing what to expect when beginning your journey with owner-occupied loans is crucial to starting your borrowing process. Owner-occupied loans can be a great way to foray into the real estate field, especially as a new homeowner. Knowing how to utilize owner-occupied loans, while being informed with the knowledge you […]

Hard Money Loan Terms & Repayment Options

When looking to expand real estate investments, hard money loans are a great tool to secure funding. Whether looking to buy a primary residence, secure a commercial space, or flip and sell for profit, knowing how to utilize hard money can be the key to success. Hard money loans provide a competitive edge in a […]

Using Hard Money Loans to Secure a Home Faster

Using hard money loans to secure your next home.   – Use Hard money loans as leverage to secure your next home (fast, less qualifications but more money down)   The home buying process can be a stressful endeavor – especially when purchasing your first home. With financing options, qualifications, and competitive markets to think […]

Best Time to Use a Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are a great way to foray into real estate investment. Under the right circumstances, hard money can provide an opportunity for borrowers to turn their investment goals into reality with a diversified portfolio. When it comes to conventional loans, stringent underwriting and lengthy background approval checks can come in the way of […]

3 Property Types for Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a quick source of financing for when a buyer wants to secure a property. There are a host of factors why a hard money loan may be a great option for a borrower. Whether it is a distressed property, shortened timeline, or credit that is not yet robust enough to apply […]

Conventional Loans vs Hard Money Loans

The Hard Money Journey: Conventional vs. Hard  Money Loans   In a competitive buyers market, it is important to be informed about the advantages different loan forms can provide. Conventional loans are the traditional avenue for home buyers and real estate investors to engage in the housing market. However, hard money loans can be an […]

How to Leverage Hard Money in a Competitive Real Estate Market

The market is tricky right now for a home buyer. With inflation and mortgages to consider, it may be daunting to try and dive headfirst into home buying. First-time homeowners especially may be tentative to try their hand at real estate, especially without guidance or leverage. No matter the market type, hard money loans can […]

How a Step Rate Loan Can Help Your Hard Money Journey

26Hard money loans are some of the most flexible loan forms for potential real estate investors. As loans that rely on property as collateral, rather than personal financial history, they can be easier for borrowers to obtain and use for their purpose. Another asset to hard money is the flexible terms that can accompany this […]

Navigating Owner-Occupied Loans

Hard money loans are a quintessential means of raising capital for real estate projects. While it can be a crucial aid in renovating distressed properties, it can also be a great asset for owner-occupied properties. If you are someone looking to purchase your first home and find that securing a traditional loan does not work […]

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