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Did you know you can use hard money for owner-occupied properties?

Hard money loans have a reputation as an asset for house flippers looking to sell their properties for a profit. While it is certainly true that hard money loans can provide the quick capital and less stringent underwrites to make flipping a success, there are other ways to utilize this loan form. Another way people […]

When Should I Use a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans can be an effective tool to leverage in a competitive buyer’s market. The flexible underwriting terms, less stringent personal financial requirements, and quick sourcing are all positive reasons to consider a hard money loan. For those looking to foray into real estate investment, or have a competitive edge for residential or commercial […]

How Long Does a Hard Money Loan Take to Repay?

Hard money loans are effective tools to leverage in a competitive buyers market. As a quick, efficient way to raise capital for real estate investment, hard money loans can be a competitive tool for those seeking to expand their investment portfolio. As hard money loans are structured differently than conventional loan forms, an important piece […]

Hard Money Loans: Your Secret House-Flipping Weapon

Home flipping is one of the most lucrative ways to bolster your investment portfolio. With the right loan, anyone can foray into real estate investment. Real estate investment is so attractive for potential diversification, passive cash flow, tax advantages, and stable cash flow. As this is an incredibly attractive opportunity for new and seasoned investors […]

6 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Hard Money Lenders

For anyone looking to secure a hard money loan, borrowers will find no shortage of hard money lenders on the market. One of the most important steps in the hard money process is finding a lender you can trust. Hard money loans are a great way to quickly raise capital and foray into the lucrative […]

Your Guide to Calculating Hard Money Loan Interest Rates

Hard money loans are a great way for real estate investors to gain access to capital quickly, allowing for an edge in the ever-demanding rental market. Unlike conventional loans, hard money loans rely on the property itself as collateral, and thus do not rely on a person’s individual financial history as much as other forms […]

Refinancing a Hard Money Loan

For those looking to invest in real estate, hard money loans can be the perfect vehicle to assist in expanding your investment portfolio. Hard money loans are quick and easy ways to raise capital for property investment and require less personal financial history into account. Instead of personal creditworthiness, the loan relies on the property […]

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