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Private Home Equity Loans Explained

Hard money loans are a useful tool for anyone who does not benefit from the traditional lending process through banks. Whether due to personal financial history, credit score, or timeline, traditional loans may not be available or suitable for everyone. In this case, hard money loans can be an avenue for capital for nontraditional applicants. […]

When Should I Use a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans can be an effective tool to leverage in a competitive buyer’s market. The flexible underwriting terms, less stringent personal financial requirements, and quick sourcing are all positive reasons to consider a hard money loan. For those looking to foray into real estate investment, or have a competitive edge for residential or commercial […]

Hard Money vs Soft Money: What’s the Difference?

As real estate investment has taken off and more people are looking to bridge into this lucrative market, there are some decisions that each borrower must make. When looking to secure a loan, you have to both look at your own financial history and look to future goals to see what type of loan will […]

The Top Benefits – And Drawbacks – of Owner Occupied Loans

Owner occupied loans are characterized by unique benefits. For borrowers that are looking to break into the real estate investment market, this is a possible great opportunity to gain a head-start in an ever-changing market. However, as with all loan situations, owner occupied loans can either be incredibly beneficial, or if used improperly a drawback […]

Can You Have Two Owner-Occupied Homes?

Can You Have Two Owner-Occupied Homes? | JMJ Funding   A second property can be an attractive option for an extensive list of reasons. From a vacation home for weekend getaways, to a brick and mortar space for business, or a second home where one is not the primary resident, there are many reasons to […]

How Long Do I Have to Live in an Owner Occupied Loan Property?

Owner-occupied loan properties exist as an attractive option for real estate investors who are willing or able to settle down in a specific area for a given period of time. Owner-occupied loans can be attractive options for investors especially because it gives certain benefits not available to other loan borrowers. Benefits may include effective property […]

12 Undeniable Benefits to an Owner Occupied Loan

Owner-occupied loans are granted to borrowers under the stipulation that the person resides in that property. Under the guidelines of an owner-occupied loan, a borrower agrees to stay at the property for a year, move in within a month of closing, and reside there for at least 70% of the time at the property. Vacations […]

7 Ways Hard Money Loans Can Help You Reach Financial Goals

We know that hard money loans are some of the quickest, easiest ways to raise capital when looking to expand your investment portfolio. The speedy, unencumbered loan process makes it one of the most attractive ways to invest in real estate and frees up cash flow for borrowers to use money as they see fit. […]

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Hard Money Investors Make

Hard money loans are a great option for people looking to flip a property, expand their investment portfolio quickly through real estate and grow a business. They are also accessible to people who may have less than ideal credit history or who just haven’t been in the game long enough to secure a traditional loan […]

How to Make the Most of a Hard Money Loan

Being approved for a hard money loan is an exciting opportunity. By now you probably know how you plan on using the money, and if not, you have plenty of options from business costs to real estate investing. But once you have a hard money loan, you want to make sure you are maximizing its […]

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